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Did you know Don Mashburn Inc. will proudly be at the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, GA on Oct.18-20, 2016. Check out our Rake N Bale. This is a front mount hay rake. It lets you do two jobs at once and eliminates the need for another tractor and operator. There’s no need to follow the swath because everything that the rake touches is baled. Another advantage is that if it’s windy, the baler gets the hay before the wind can blow the swath away. Also, you bale all the hay that’s raked so no hay is exposed to rain and spoilage. Anything that’s raked is baled. The construction of each rake reflects our passion to work hard and provide a reliable product that we would use ourselves. If interested, contact us as Don Mashburn Inc. 337-235-6656 Enjoy!