Drill String Valves & Specialty Subs

INSIDE B.O.P. VALVE0920Mashburn0538
The Don Mashburn, Inc one- and two-piece I.B.O.P. Valves are dart style positive check valves in the drill string. These are non-return check valves, allowing pumping through the valve into the drill string and offering a positive one-way seal that prevents a well from an uncontrollable kick flowing up the drill string, protecting your swivel, standpipe, and pumps.

THE DON MASHBURN, INC. DROP IN CHECK VALVE is an essential drilling tool that prevents return flow during a kick. It can be used in most drilling situations where return flow through the drill string is a risk and the benefits of a full bore sub are needed during normal operation. The drop in check valve can be pumped into place when needed and removed when fluid operations can resume.
Metal to metal technology
High temperature and pressure rated
One- or two-piece bodies

HI-TEMP MFV FLOAT SUB0920Mashburn0524
The all metal sealing technology in the HTMFV is the solution to keeping high temperature wells under  control. Similar in technology to the MFV, the HTMFV is specially outfitted to perform in high  temperature situations. The float system has been extensively run (over 500 rental days) in  environments approaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit

SAFETY VALVES0920Mashburn0538
The ball type safety valve is designed to be stabbed into the top joint of the drill pipe or tubing at the rig  floor and closed quickly in case a well kicks. After weight material is added to the mud, the Kelly Valve can be reconnected, the safety valve opened, and circulation initiated.

Don Mashburn, Inc. offers a full line of side entry subs. One- and two-piece configurations are available and are manufactured with internal Stub-Acme threads. Our two-piece sub is machined and thread locked, not welded, for added strength and reliability.