Our Mission

“With the right resources, there’s nothing we can’t do.” Don Mashburn

At Don Mashburn Inc., we develop innovative product designs and produce exceptional front line tools used worldwide in the oil and gas industry. The pioneering spirit and expertise of our team combined with cutting-edge technology provide our customers with end results exceeding expectations.

We achieve this through our core values:

RESPECT – Working with our customers to achieve profitable end results while respecting their values and upholding standards.

INTEGRITY – Maintaining integrity internally and externally as a company – starting at the machine shop floor, through customer relationships, and extending to the drill site.

INNOVATION – Using cutting-edge technology to introduce innovative and groundbreaking tools that assist in the drilling process worldwide.

QUALITY – Producing top-of-the-line tools with exceptional quality that exceed our customers’ expectations.

TEAMWORK – The collaboration of our engineers, machinists, and fabricators along with strong leadership and a positive and safe work environment create the ideal compound for teamwork and success.